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On Christmas I officially announced I would accept my internship at Walt Disney World. Now, questions from family and friends are piling in! I want to write this post to introduce you to the program and answer some of the questions I'm asked often. 

For the next few months my blog is going to look a little different. I'll be updating the design and theme to match my new adventure. I will also add a new tab full of Disney posts, hopefully I can post more while I'm there. Others' Disney College Program blogs have been so helpful to me so I want to do that for others!

General Information about the Program

The Disney College Program is an internship for students in college or who have graduated in the last 6 months. It's different from simply taking a job at Disney for a semester in that you get to live in company sponsored housing and participate in special events just for College Programmers. In this way you still get the college experience while participating in the program. The internship opens lots of doors for future positions with the company such as full time park positions, professional internships, cruise line jobs, movie industry jobs, business jobs, and jobs with other parts of the Disney company. You can find more information and apply to the program here

Commonly Asked Questions

How long will you be there?
I have accepted the position for January 25 through May 26. I might be offered to extent it for up to year, but since I already have plans for the summer, I don't plan on doing that.
Are you going to be a Princess?
No. I will be a custodian at the park. I will be in charge of trash cans, sweeping, etc. and sometimes bathrooms. This was my first choice "role" (as Disney calls it). It is the "best kept secret" of the program. I won't have to worry about long lines like I would in most any other role. I'll have the freedom to work in more places and interact more with guests in this role. It you're in the park and you need something, you'll probably ask for help from a custodian, they're readily available everywhere, there might be a line in front of the information desk.
I thought you decided not to go, but now you are?
I was accepted early in October, and by mid-October I had decided not to go for a number of reasons. After praying over these reasons I decided to stay in New Mexico for the spring semester. Turns out I didn't decline the program through the right site, when I figured this out and emailed Disney in December, they gave me the choice to accept or decline again. I realized that ALL the reasons I had decided not to go have been resolved, and I really wan to go! If that's not the Lord's power I don't know what is!
Why are doing it?
I know, I know, this has nothing to do with my degree. It's a lot better match for business majors or people who want to work with Disney someday, that doesn't work for me as an education major. I will still be taking classes (though only part time instead of full time) so it's not delaying my graduation by that much, but it's a lot better option for me financially with the costs of housing and being able to work full time and overtime. Mostly though, how do you say no to working and living at Disney? When we went to Disneyland, Elisa and I would talk about working at Disney in college, well how can I say no to that? Plus, hopefully she can visit me during her spring break! It'll open more opportunities like the DCP alumni club has great perks and I could work at the Disney store for the rest of college. Disney also has a program called Disney English, to help children in China learn English and may expand to other countries, which I might consider working for one day.
So can I visit you?
Yeah! Please do! I want my sister to visit me for spring break, and I'm probably going to let her and her friends use my free passes to the parks (I only get a limited number), but I can get more tickets at a discounted price as well as a discount on resorts (only for close friends and family though). I'll be busy while I'm there but you can totally come visit me and I'll love it!
So you're not coming back to New Mexico?
I'll be back! I still have my return flight for Christmas break and that's a week before I need to be at Disney and I need to pack up my dorm. I will be in New Mexico, in my dorm, January 16-24. I will try to hang out with everyone while I'm there but I do have lots to do with the school, packing, and getting my drivers license for my residency stuff. Then I'll be back in New Mexico in August!

I'm looking forward to sharing the adventure with you! You can ask me all your other questions in the comments. For more updates, check out my DCP blog here. Merry Christmas!
<![CDATA[Why New Mexico Is My Home]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 06:25:17 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/why-new-mexico-is-my-homeIt's almost that time of year when college students return home for the holidays. One thing we're all too familiar with is the endless string of questions from relatives. "How's school?" "What's your major?" "Any men in your life?" The questions never end. As someone who goes to school out of state I get this question both when I go home and while I'm at school, no matter how many times I tell people. Why do you go to school out of state? There are a number of reasons to answer this question, of which I use one or a combination of depending on the person. 
First: New Mexico is my home, I grew up here. I lived in Albuquerque from age 7 through my sophomore year of high school. I don't remember much from before I moved here, and the two years in high school I was going through a lot and don't remember it as the happiest time. I lost my mom my sophomore year of high school, in Albuquerque. For my dad that makes it hard to be here, everything reminds him of her which makes him miss her. It also reminds me of her, though for me it makes me feel closer to her, remembering my mom makes it easier for me. To sum up: Albuquerque is a place full of happy memories for me. This is just like how you might have memories of your childhood home. 
1. Albuquerque is a place full of happy memories for me.
2. When I go home my family and I don't waste a moment arguing.
3. New Mexico needs good teachers.
​4. Secondary Education as a major is uncommon, UNM offers it. 
5. Albuquerque has great weather, unique culture, and diverse people. 

Second: Being away from home has greatly improved my relationship with my family. I didn't know this when I left, but I know it clearly now. When my sister Elisa and I were little we shared a room for fourteen years and we fought all the time, when we moved to Minnesota we each got our own room which caused us to become the closest we've ever been. The same is true with my family as a whole. I still have issues with my family, blended families are hard and so is growing up. Since I starting going to school in Albuquerque though, my relationship with all members of my family has gotten significantly better. My dad is back to being my precious daddy who loves me and wants to take care of me and I only have a short amount of time with my family when I go back so we don't waste a moment arguing. 
 Third: Albuquerque needs me. When I graduate from the University of New Mexico, I will be licensed to teach in New Mexico, I'll have to apply separately for licenses in different states. New Mexico needs good teachers. According to WalletHub's best and worst schools list (see graphic below) - states for teachers, Minnesota is the third best state for teachers, New Mexico is forty-third. What this tells me is that Minnesota is going to get lots of options for good teachers and New Mexico isn't. According to US News' Best High Schools Rankings Minnesota has 181 schools earning gold, silver, or bronze medals; New Mexico only has 54 medals. Long story short: New Mexico needs good teachers passionate about learning and education, that's what I am. 
Source: WalletHub
Fourth: UNM is a very well priced school, and offers my degree. While education is a very common degree, secondary education as a degree and not simply a minor is uncommon. UNM offers it, secondary education as a minor includes less focus on education and more on specific subjects. It's important to me that my degree is in education with math as the afterthought (minor), 28% of math teachers in the US don't hold a degree in math (according to the National Center for Education Statistics). I am passionate about education and also really love math, I want my degree to reflect that. 
Fifth: Albuquerque has great weather, unique culture, and diverse people. Snow is more fun if it only happens once in a while and school gets cancelled for it. In the fall we have the balloon fiesta, which is one of my favorite times of the year. Most of all I love the diversity of people: ethnicities, family sizes, financial status, religion, and more. 

I love New Mexico and I love my school. I wouldn't want to go to any school and I have friends at many other schools all across the country. Next time you wonder why I go to school 1000 miles from my family, you'll know why! Why do you go to your school, whether it's close to or far from your family?
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As you may know, I am a fitness blogger for sweat pink. I am currently training for a 5K with hopes of one day running a marathon. I want you to join me on this adventure! This is not just for people who love to run, I hate running....or I used to. My goal is to make you love, or at least enjoy, running. Learning to love running is a journey, not a destination. I'm still not very far into my journey, I've got a long way to go before I truly love running. Sometimes just having fun running tools and cute running clothes is a good enough excuse to get me to go running. 

Dress to Impress (and by impress I mean motivate!)

There are in general three types of tops I choose from for working out. 
Left: Cotton Tanks. Whenever I find cute and cozy tanks on sale, I snatch them up. This one is from Old Navy
Top: DIY Cutout old Tshirt. These are great for sleeping and working out. Check out the DIY here
Bottom: I love to run in the morning, so I love long sleeve shirts. My favorite is very like this one, but it has glittery sleeves, so that's awesome! It's from American Eagle

Just like with the tops, I have three go-to types of bottoms. 
Left: Leggings. I ONLY wear leggings for working out, nothing else. I have these leggings, they're my favorites too! I wear them when it's cold out and I need a little extra. They're from American Eagle.
Top: Shorts. I usually wear running shorts. I love these shorts from Target. I'm not a big fan of the ones with built in spandex though. 
Bottom: Skirt/Skort. I love this skirt! I feel so fancy when I run. It's a little hard to get my knees as high as I'd like but I used it a lot when I played lacrosse because we wore skirts during games. 

As for shoes, I don't have options, just Do and Do Nots. 
Do wear shoes intended for sports/running.
Do Not wear vans, converse, or anything like that. 
Do get shoes with memory foam.
Do Not regret the extra money it'll cost you. 
Do walk around in them in the store.
Do Not order online unless you've worn them before

And of course Do wear your sweat pink laces! 

Here are a few accessories to go along with your new wardrobe:
Top Left: Runtastic App. This app is my favorite running app, it tracks distance and speed and calculates a lot more for you. 
Bottom Left: Spotify Running. Spotify running reads the tempo of your run and matches music which helps me run faster!
Top Center: Phone Armband. I found one of these for $5 at target, it's totally worth it to not have to hold my phone!
Center: Sweat Pink Laces. These awesome laces are a great reminder that you're not alone and they're super cute!
Bottom Center: Fitbit. I don't have one of these yet, but they're super cool and measure all sorts of stuff to help your run! (I really want one of these for my birthday!)
Top Right: Wide Headband. I love a wide headband because when it's cold out I can just pull it over my ears to keep them from freezing! Plus it covers and distracts from my messy workout hair!
Bottom Right: Elastic Pony Holder Bracelets, these weird wide kind. These are great because they don't leave a crease in your hair and they pull less which prevents headaches for me. These ones are at target, but I just make my own from pretty elastic ribbon from craft shops. 

    Request Your Pink Laces

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As most of you know, I am very involved in the Navigators Ministry on my campus. One of my favorite parts of this ministry is Journey, our fall conference. We have a conference in our region each semester, but fall conference is definitely the best! 

What does the weekend look like?

Friday 9:00am: Nine hour van ride starts! This includes random religious discussions, never have I ever, hot seat, and lots of yummy snacks! This is  unique opportunity to get to know the other Navs in your van. Usually we have two vans: an early van (which leaves at 9) and a late van for those who don't want to miss class.

Friday 7:30pm: Check-in. You check in, receive your name tag and room key, and meet up with lots of other people. (For me this means getting to see my friends from STP again!)
Friday 8:30pm: First Meeting. Meetings include: announcements about other Nav events, fun prizes, worship, and a message. 
Friday 10pm-Midnight: Fun! Hanging out with other navs from your campus and other campuses. Lots of yummy snacks (ranging from fruit to candy). Activities include: dancing, knockout, and more (last year we played signs, big booty, and ninja). 
Saturday 7:00am: Breakfast in the dining commons. The food is not the greatest, but it's included in the cost of journey, so who cares?! The fun part is the fellowship over breakfast. 

Fun Fact: I worked in the dining commons of Estes Park's sister property Snow Mountain Ranch this summer at STP. 

Saturday 9am: Second Meeting
Saturday 9:45am: Workshops. Workshops are great! You get to pick two workshops you want to take, so they're specific to your needs in your faith right now. Between the two Nav conferences I've been to I've taken: Seeking Wise Counsel, Money Management, Christ-Centered Dating, and Influencing Your Friends. All were great! 
Saturday 12:30pm: Lunch and Free Time, and then Dinner. After lunch you can do whatever you want. Most people go and explore Estes Park, which is a beautiful place, just check out these pictures! A few of my friends and I went on an artsy picture adventure.  (This is the only time I've ever taken so many selfies, I apologize.)
Saturday 7:30pm: Third Meeting.
Saturday 10pm-Midnight: Fun! Hanging out with other navs, same as Saturday night.
Sunday 7am: ​Breakfast
Sunday 9am: Time along with God. This is a designated quiet time, it's a great time to apply and pray about things you've learned during the weekend. Plus, you can have it outside in the beautiful nature, surrounded by others seeking God. 
Sunday 10am: Last Meeting. 
Sunday Noon: Nine hour trip home starts. This is similar to the trip to Journey, but lots of talk about what you learned and how you liked the retreat. 

: Participants include college students and Nav Staff from the Rocky Mountain Region, which encompasses schools in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Where: It takes place at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. You Can check it out here
When: October 16-18, 2015
Why: Journey was the way I got really close to everyone in the Navigators at my school. University of New Mexico has a unique opportunity in that we have a 10 hour drive, but we all drive up to the retreat together in 12 passenger vans. 
How: Sign up here
Hope to see you there!
<![CDATA[Summer Plans]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 23:22:41 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/summer-plans

Dear Friends and Family,

This spring marks the end of my freshman year of college. It has been a truly incredible experience, mostly because of all the Christian relationships I've developed from engaging in the Navigators ministries on campus. I started the year in denial about wanting to join the program but it has been the highlight of my year. I've been able to attend a two Navigators conferences in Colorado, enjoy an awesome spring break trip, join a bible study, and participate in many other life changing activities through the Navigators.

The more time I spent around the Navs, the more I heard about a program affectionately called “STP”, short for Summer Training Program. At first I thought there was no way for me to go, yet I hung onto the brochure to remind me to pray about it, and pray I did! My friends and bible study members prayed with me and for me. They told me more stories of their experiences and friendships that sprouted from STP the previous years, I began to long for those experiences. I prayed about it more and more for the next weeks and months, asked wise counsel of trustworthy friends, and discussed the possibility with friends and family back in Minnesota. The day after the deadline to apply, I woke up knowing that God was telling me I should do this, and after waiting weeks to see if I would get off the waiting list and praying for my dad to be as confident as I was in the decision, everything fell into place, I was going to STP!

As a participant in STP, I will spend 10 weeks at YMCA of the Rockies’ Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO. I will work full time at the YMCA, along with everyone else in the program. Through the Navigators I will live with my team members who are also my small group bible study. I will have the opportunity to attend many seminars on Christian views on various aspect of life, such as taking care of money or how to lead a bible study. Every week I will memorize two verses from the Navigators program the Topical Memory System and learn how to and practice evangelizing in a nearby town. Most of all, I look forward to spending a summer in a community wholly focused on Christ, meeting other people with this goal, and furthering my love for and commitment to Christ. I praise God every day for this opportunity and for the encouragement of my friends and family.

In preparation for the program, I am asking God to surround me with a team of people with a desire to support me financially and through prayer. My goal is to raise $1000 to pay the cost of the training program. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of my support team for this summer? I want to thank you for reading my letter, thinking of me, and considering the opportunity to support me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sarah Swenson

You can support me online at: donations.navigators.org/specialpages/donormaster/staffdonation?id=s23826577|23826577

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This weekend I'm going away with the Navigators group at my university. Being the list lover that I am, I love packing lists so I thought I'd share mine with you! If you have any questions just comment below, also, I love suggestions for posts you want to see!

All the little Things

I usually find myself packing lots and lots of little pieces of things in my luggage. These get lost easily, so I've established a method of organizing everything so nothing gets lost and everything is easy to find. In case you were wondering, I got all the bags here from Ipsy (for $10 a month I get 5 beauty samples and a bag. Let me know if you want to know more, or click on the word "Ipsy" for a link!) I've broken each bag down into separate parts, you can click on the photos below the main photo for a closer look. I keep 4 of the 5 bags in a small reusable bag from Urban Outfitters. 

Everyday Bag
I actually carry this bag with me everyday, in my purse or backpack, it will be in my purse, not my suitcase, but it's still important!
1. Everyday Necessities 
EOS Lotion, NYX Lip Butter, Softlips Cube, Hand Sanitizer (I added this later)
2. Snacks

Granola Bar, I also sometimes have gum or chocolate too
3. Medication
Cough Drops, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Midol, and Benadryl
4. Bandaids
Princess Bandaids, Cleaning Wipe, Antiseptic
5. Feminine Products
Bedside Extras
This is a set of a few of the things I usually keep next to my bed and I have a hard time going without. 
1. Medication Case
Medications for the Weekend, Vitamins in an empty pocket (they get mushy when mixed with my meds)
2. Medications
Vapor Inhaler (for stuffy noses), ZzzQuil, Visine Eye Drops ...as you can tell I have severe allergies
3. General Items
Sleep Mask, Q-tips, Tie Hairband, EOS Lip Balm. 

I have a fairly large collection of makeup at this point. (I have no idea when this happened!) For trips I only bring my favorite and basic pieces.
1. Tools
Angled Face Brush, Two Sided Eye Brush, Eyelash Curler
2. Eye Products
Natural Eye Shadow, Glittery Gold Cream Eye Shadow, Liquid Eyeliner, Kohl Eyeliner, Covergirl Super Thick Lash Mascara
3. Lip Products
Babylips Cherry Me Lip Balm, J Cat Wonder Lip Paint
4. Face Products
Laura Mercier Primer, Model Co. Blush

General Bathroom Products
This bag is full of stuff for my shower and morning and nighttime rituals. 
1. Face Cleaning
Homemade Make Up Remover (baby shampoo and water), Face Wash Mask, Cotton Rounds, Q-Tips
2. Shower Products
Shampoo and Conditioner Samples (perfect for weekend trip, I got these at Whole Foods), Travel Size Body Wash
3. Tooth Care
Toothbrush in Case (doesn't actually fit in the bag), Travel Size Toothpaste (from the dentist), Floss (I forgot it here!)

The things that top off an outfit are the jewelry and hair accessories, they fit nicely in one bag. I never know if it's going to be a simple day or a fancy day, so this covers it all. I have the hair accessories for my hair down, pulled back, and a bun.
Statement Necklace, Generic Earrings (held together on a button), Simple Necklace (actually my purity ring on a chain since I can't wear it because it hurts)
Hair Accessories
Simple Headband, Fancy Headband, Small and Large Bows, Two Hair Ties, Mini Hair Clips, Bobby Pins


Travel Day
It's important to have clothes that are easy to layer, especially when going from hot car full of people to cold outside all day!
T-shirt - My best friend and I both have this shirt, I love you Haley!!
Jeans - These are generic skinny jeans, I will wear them with each of my outfits this weekend. 
Sweatshirt - This is my sweatshirt from Caribou, it's super fuzzy and warm. I will also use this with all my outfits!
Running Shoes - I love these shoes, they are so much more comfortable than anything else I own and don't hurt my ankles. 
Belt - I always have to jump around and pull these jeans up all day.

Every vacation less than a week only needs one pair of pjs!
Pants - I picked fuzzy pants for this trip since I'll be sleeping in a sleeping bag. My bestie Emily got me these because they have pockets!! You know you're jealous!
Matching Top - I call these pj sweaters! I'm super obsessed.
T-shirt - Sometimes the pj sweater is too warm so I layer.
Socks - I anticipate being cold so I'm bringing my favorite fuzzy socks to keep my tootsies warm!

Other Days
For the other two days I just brought two other shirts and matching accessories
Sweater Shirt - I love this shirt because it's warm and basic, it looks great with everything. 
Cozy Shirt - I'm going to need a shirt for the last day of the trip, which will also be a travel day, so I chose a cozy shirt. This one is long sleeves but it's an athletic shirt so it isn't too warm.
Matching Jewelry- You've already seen this earlier!

Winter Wear
Everything but the boots will be with my in the car. The boots will be in my luggage.
Warm Coat - My tip for buying coats: buy one with a fuzzy inside, it'll stay warm on the inside unlike a traditional ski coat.
Scarf - I'm crazy about the infinity scarves, they're so much easier to wear, I don't have to think about which side is longer!
Gloves - These gloves are $5 from target, they have special string in thumb and index fingers so I can use them with my iPhone!
Knit Wrap - I will always choose this over a hat. This is just as warm, and I can wear it with ponytails and buns, which I need! 
Boots - I anticipate snow in Colorado, not so great for running shoes. 

Purse...Car bag....Whatyamacallit...

I filled my purse up with all the things I'll need for the car ride. I'll also steal some snacks from the dining hall tomorrow and throw them in. 

1. General Items
Scarf, Gloves, Knit Wrap (these are rolled together), Everyday Bag, Wallet, Sunglasses, bible (since it's a church conference)
2. Cords
Rechargable Battery, USB Cube, Battery Cord, Phone Cord, Headphones
3. School Supplies 
Clipboard, Printer Paper, Copies of Math Homework, Pencil, Erasable pen, highlighter

Well, that's all for today, and as you read this I'll probably already be on the road! I hope this was helpful, and if not at least it could be interesting to see every little thing I pack! (This one's for my stalkers! Just kidding!) If you have any ideas for more thing you'd love to see more posts about, just let me know! Have a happy weekend!
<![CDATA[Do I need this? kitchen edition]]>Sat, 07 Feb 2015 01:57:13 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/do-i-need-this-kitchen-editionI recently reorganized my little kitchen unit in my dorm and realized there were a number of things I forgot I (or my roommate) got for our dorm. So I thought, in order to save some future college students some money I thought I would rate some of the things I bought. Picture
1. Blender 4/10
I used Hannah's blender once, and I bought myself one near the end of the first semester. I haven't used my blender at all this semester now that the dining hall has better smoothies. I noticed in general my roommate and I used our blenders a lot when we first got them but we don't use them much now. If you use a blender at home at least once a week, buy it, if not, don't. 

2. Ice Cream Scoop 9/10
Unless you're the kind of horrible person who doesn't like ice cream, you need an ice cream scoop! I use mine all the time. Alternatively you can try scooping your ice cream with a regular spoon but it's just not as effective. Plus, it's only about a dollar! You can also use it for frozen yogurt, gelato, sherbet, and more. 

3. Air Popper 1/10
I think Hannah used this once. It's so much easier using microwave popcorn packages. Don't bother with this. I don't say this because we don't eat popcorn either, we eat way too much popcorn!

4. Pizza Cutter 3/10 
Neither Hannah nor I have ever used this as far as I know. We either eat pizza rolls or we get regular pizza slices from the dining hall. Maybe if I didn't have a meal plan and actually found it worth it to buy frozen pizza a pizza cutter would be helpful. But honestly, for the average college student I don't know how important this is. 

5. Can Opener 3/10
Today so many cans come with easy open tops or the little tabs, what's the point? This is another thing I've never used. I bought it because I can't use the little tabs, but I've yet to open the one can of soup I own. Easy Mac and Ramen Noodles don't require a can opener. Enough said.

6. Electric Kettle 10/10
My roommate and I use our kettle every day! It's good for warming up water for hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. I like to use it to make noodles without having to go all the way down to the kitchen on my floor. 

7. Cookie and/or Brownie Pans 7/10
You don't actually need these, but they're fun. Baking in the kitchen in the common room is a great way to meet people in your dorm! Every time I bake in the common room I get compliments and meet new people. Plus, cookies and brownies are easy to make and delicious.

8. Pots and Pans 4/10
Whether or not you should buy pots and pans depends on your personal preferences: if you like to cook, your meal plan, etc. I don't personally use my pots and pans a lot, but I see people in my dorm without meal plans use theirs every day. When I cook I pretty much only make spaghetti, and I prefer to do so in my electric kettle. 

9. Water Filtration Pitcher 5/10
My roommate and I sometimes use our pitcher, but sometimes we don't. An important thing to consider when deciding if you want to get one is how much you care about your water quality. I'm super picky about my water, but I usually just end up using filtered water bottles. The other thing I'd consider is that right now I live in a room with a kitchen in it so I have access to water all the time. Next year if I end up in a traditional dorm I might not have a sink in my room to refill my water bottles with, I can at least fill up my pitcher and keep water in my room. Also, the smaller size one fits better in mini fridges. 

10. Dishes 8/10
You're probably going to need dishes. Fact. Paper dishes are great because you can be lazy, but they're wasteful and the cost will add up. Regular dishes are good because they're more durable and don't have to constantly be replaced, but you have to wash them. For some people, a mixture of both might be the right choice. 

Bonus: Microwave and Refrigerator 100/10
I didn't buy my own microwave and refrigerator, they came with my dorm. I could not live without these! If I end up in a dorm without these next year, I will probably buy or rent them. These are incredibly important to me. I use it for my food that I buy: ice cream, pizza rolls, a jar of spaghetti sauce, etc. I like to keep my water pitcher and one of my water bottles in it. My best friend who doesn't buy food uses hers to keep leftovers from her dining hall. 

Well I hope this helps you make decisions on what to get and what not to get for your college dorm. I hope to be putting out more "Do I Really Need This?" articles soon. Let me know categories you want to hear about, or specific things you're curious if I have and/or use. What kitchen appliances or tools do you use often or were a waste of your money?

Blog Goal update for the year: 2 of 50 complete.
<![CDATA[2015 Bucket List]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2015 06:50:59 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/2015-bucket-listPicture
This year, instead of a new years resolutions which I would give up on in only a few weeks, I decided to make a bucket list instead. Even though we're already almost a month into the new year, I encourage you to do the same. The advantage to a bucket list over regular resolutions is that you can't mess it up in only a week. Your chances aren't lost until later on in the year. You have 365 days to meet your goals. For inspiration, read mine:

1. Write 50 blog posts (roughly one a week)
2. Work out 100 days (roughly twice per week)
3. Read 25 Books (roughly one every two weeks, 2)
4. Learn to play Disney songs on the Ukulele
5. Earn a Scholarship for the next school year
6. Become an RA at my University
7. Introduce Emily to 5 nice guys
8. Meet 50 new people (roughly one a week)
9. Do 50 acts of kindness (roughly one a week)
10. Join a Biblestudy 
I'm sure I'll find lots more things to add to this list as the year goes on, as well as work on my list for next year. As you can see my bucket list ranges for easy goals to much more difficult ones. Also, I like using numbers like 25, 50, and 100. These work well, if you estimate based on the year being 300 days, it's easy to figure out how often you need to complete the action (in typical new years resolution fashion) but gives you those extra days just in case you mess up. Even if you do mess up, never give up!

Let me know what your resolutions and bucket list items are in the comments!
<![CDATA[Things I Learned as a Kid]]>Tue, 25 Nov 2014 17:00:01 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/things-i-learned-as-a-kidI've been a grown up for 9 days now, nothing much has changed although it is nice to know that next time I need cold medication I can actually buy myself some. Other than that, life is pretty much the same, although I haven't had to sign anything yet...that'll be truly exciting. I thought I'd take this time to share some great things I learned before I was an adult.  Picture
It has to get worse to get better. When I was little I shared a room with my sister, Elisa, we would constantly make a huge mess of our closet and my dad would go in and take everything out of the closet and spread it out all over our bedroom. We hated this, it made it feel worse, but it always resulted in the cleanest closet. This is true about life as well, life gets worse just as it's about to get better. If you're in a rough patch right now, take this to heart and just wait, I promise it'll get better!

Am I faking it? Last year I worked in a coffee shop (and I'll be back to work there again in a couple of weeks), I hate coffee, but you could ask me what the difference between a mocha and a latte, or a light roast and a dark roast, or even why a dark roast is darker, not stronger. I could answer all these as if I was the ultimate coffee lover. I'm most certainly not! I realized I may be doing this in other areas of my life, especially with my walk with Christ. Sometimes I feel I'm just faking my walk with Christ, doing and saying all the right things, but not actually loving the coffee that is Christ. This has helped me to change my attitude toward Christ and I'm in a much better place now.

The three pieces of happiness. Unlike the last two lessons, I didn't learn this from my own experience, I heard it in a movie. In order to be happy you need these three things: something to do, something (someone) to love, and something to hope for. I find that if I'm missing one of these in my life, it feels like there's a hole in my life and I don't know what to do. Something to do keeps me busy, as they say "idle hands are the devil's workshop." I find myself lonely, bored, and worrying when I don't have anything to do, even if this thing is trying to beat my best friend in rewatching all of pretty little liars. The something to love, this is what keeps me going in life, and it's important to know what you love, I love kids, I'm taking all my classes so I can be a teacher and be around kids all day. Last, but not least: something to hope for, I try to find things of varying distances away to hope for. I'm hoping to graduate so I can be a teacher, hoping to go home for Christmas and see my family, and sooner, hoping to see my best friend tomorrow. 

Just laugh it off. Growing up as a shy girl, messing up was my biggest fear and the root of all my shyness. As most shy people will tell you, the reason I was shy was because I was terrified of saying or doing something wrong and people judging me. Well, I've learned, life is more fun if you just go out and have fun. People won't judge you if you're confident and just laugh when you mess up, they'll be jealous of your confidence!! Just knowing this is a world of confidence.

Try something new. Just as the last, this lesson is linked to my shyness. I was terrified of trying something new for fear of messing up. Once you get past that, new things can be fun. Now it's a fun challenge for me to push myself to try something new. I like to say I try new things, but often struggle to stick to this idea. I have to force myself to try new things. So, I put myself in situations where it's less awkward for me to avoid trying something new than to actually just do it. For example, after never playing sports in my life, and being very athletically challenged, I played lacrosse for two years. I told so many people I was going to play, and borrowed a stick from a friend, and made a deal with my dad. So, when my head finally realized this was more than a silly whim, it would be for more awkward and more of an inconvenience to back out than to just play. Going on and actually trying this new thing was one of the best things I ever did. I loved lacrosse! Now I just need to work on trying new foods.....

I hope and pray that in my next 18 years I'll learn many more lessons, maybe when I'm 21 even I'll have more to tell about what I've learned since becoming an adult. One of my favorite quotes says "the day you stop learning is the day you start growing old." I think this is totally true in the sense of the bad parts of being old, although being old also means you have a lot of wisdom, which is something I look forward to. 
"The day you stop learning is the day you start growing old."
-Anonymous (Pinterest)
What's you're favorite piece of advice you wish you could share with the whole world? Comment Below!
<![CDATA[6 Funny Thoughts from Today]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:22:27 GMThttp://thiscollegegirl.weebly.com/blog/6-funny-thoughts-from-todayJust a fun, short post to brighten your day. I have a cold, my brain goes wacko when I'm sick so just laugh, don't judge....
1. It sounds like I'm making out with someone...nope, I'm just eating a popsicle....
2. Ooooo look I'm so stuffed up that I can whistle through my nose....is that weird?
3. Holy Cow! I'm in college!
4. College: finding out you can watch two shows at once
5. And it's really not fun when both shows have commercials at the same time.
6. Dear Family and Friends, I miss you all!!